• Refactoring will be performed on your selection or else on an entire file.
  • Selection must be a valid JavaScript Program (e.g. { a: 1, b: 2 } will not do!).
  • You can use with babylon7 parser to validate your code before you submit an issue.
  • If refactoring cannot be performed nothing will happen to your code.
  • If refactoring can be partially performed it may be partially performed.
  • Code is refactored on your machine. When you use the plugin, no code is ever transmitted over the network. The plugin works offline. You're safe.
  • Our online Try it tool however does send your code to our server. But we do not store it. But we could have. That's why you should use it for evaluation purposes with some dummy code only.
  • Every refactoring is available as a command in your Command Palette (Atom, Sublime, VSCode).
  • Command name corresponts to a refactoring name, but is prefixed with R-Factor:. So for example Convert to class component refactoring will appear as R-Factor: Convert to class component. Remember to use fuzzy search, so that you do not have to type the whole refactoring name - rfctcc will suffice.


You can use our online Try it tool to generate a config file.


Open up Settings View Packages filter by r-factor Settings.

Sublime Text 3

Open up Preferences Package Settings R-Factor Settings - User in Sublime menu.

Visual Studio Code

Open up File Preferences Settings Extensions R-Factor.

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